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Sightseeing around

Recommended surrounding sightseeing spots

Recently, it has been attracting attention from outside the prefecture. "Takeo"
There are many tourist attractions around Takeo.
SYUNKEIYA will deliver the highlights of Takeo recommended by SYUNKEIYA.

SYUNKEIYA around the popular "Takeo"SYUNKEIYA to spend your trip in SYUNKEIYA

In addition to the ones introduced below, including the "Tower Gate & Sakurayama Park" next to the hotel
There are many "cherry blossom viewing spots" in the area!
  • Visit important cultural properties

    • Takeo Onsen Ro-mon Gate(Prefectural Important Cultural Property):1-minute walk

      The red-painted tower gate built in 1914, the symbol of Takeo Onsen
      SYUNKEIYA in front of SYUNKEIYA! Designed by Tatsuno Kingo, who is famous for the design of Tokyo Station
      I am also looking forward to "Takeo GoGo City" (11: 00-16: 00) on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

      ★Cherry blossom
  • Naturally healed

    • Mifuneyama Rakuen:5-minute drive

      【Cherry Blossom Festival(Cherry Blossoms)】
      Various cherry blossoms bloom in the foreground of the pond and in the background of the rocky mountains,
      The "Flower Festival (Sakura)) is held every year from mid-March to early April.
      Kyushu largest cherry blossom light up in Kyushu!
      ★Cherry blossom

      【Flower festival】
      About 200,000 azaleas blooming against the backdrop of cliffs are spectacular.
      Furthermore, 170 years old estimated Ofuji,
      In the season when spring and maple are beautiful, we hold the "Flower Festival".
      ★Azalea & Wisteria Famous Place
    • Power spot:Takeo's Great Kusunoki:5-minute drive

      It ranks 7th in the nation's giant trees and is said to be over 3000 years old.
      Takeo City is designated as a natural monument in Takeo City.
    • Sakurayama Park:2-minute walk

      As the name suggests, it is a famous cherry blossom spot that spreads out in the mountains behind the gate.
      You can take a walk while enjoying the cherry blossoms that bloom in harmony with the cherry blossom gate and the nature of the mountains.
      A strange rock stands up on the mountain.
      ★Cherry blossom
    • Takeo Onsen Resort Village:10-minute drive

      Yumeginga vast park where you can fully enjoy nature, adjacent to Yumeginga.
      There are plenty of vehicles such as sky buses, sightseeing boats, and bicycle rentals.
      It is a famous place for cherry blossoms in spring and fireflies in early summer.
      Location:Takeo Town, Takeo City Oaza Nagashima
      ★Cherry blossom
    • Yamato Central Park Hanashobu (Japanese iris) Garden:35 minutes by car

      Impressed by various beauty!
      A flower garden where about 100 species of 40,000 iris flowers bloom.
      It is only open from late May to mid June every year during the flowering season.
      Location:3294 Oaza Kawakami, Yamato-cho, Saga City
      ★Hanashobu famous place
    • Daishoji Temple:20-minute drive

      alias. "Hydrangea temple in the sky"
      In early summer, you can see the city of Takeo colorful hydrangea.
      You can also see the sea of clouds.
      Location:6694 Osaki, Kitagata-cho, Takeo City, Saga Prefecture
    • Mifunegaoka Bairin:7 minutes by car

      The eastern foot of Mifuneyama.
      Approximately 3000 plums bloom every year from mid-February to early March,
      The scent of plum blossoms.
      A tea house where "Ume no Hana Mochi" is popular is opened during the Ume blossom season.
      Location:5166 Takeo Oaza Takeo, Takeo Town, Takeo City
      ★Ume famous spot
    • Giant Camphor Park of Kawago:15-minute drive

      .. "It's as if the world of Ghibli exists"
      A majestic large tree of 3000 years old that seems to fall into such a sense.
      The water wheel and the Karakuri Puppet Theater will make you time slip.
      Location:7843 Kawago, Wakaki-cho, Takeo City
  • Leisure spot

    • © Huis Ten Bosch / J-19598

      Huis Ten Bosch:50 minutes by car

      The largest resort facility Kyushu that can be enjoyed by both couples and three generations.
      Brick cityscape and cobblestones/canals that recreate the medieval Netherlands
      Beautiful flowers color the vast site.
  • Learning / experience spots

    • Takeo City Library:5-minute drive

      A library that has become a hot topic nationwide in each media since the reopening.
      TSUTAYA and Starbucks Coffee, the usability and ease of use far exceed the boundaries of public libraries.
    • Saga Prefecture Space and Science Museum Yumeginga:10-minute drive

      The most popular spot for family customers.
      With a state-of-the-art planetarium and an observatory, you can learn while playing with the universe.
      It is a participatory and hands-on facility with the theme of science.