【Official】Hotel Shunkeiya

Saga/ Takeo Onsen"SYUNKEIYA"

Only in Takeo Onsen.A 100% open-air bath with a view.
I am fascinated by the proof of trust and the taste of "specialty Saga Beef" certified by a designated dealer.
Since the founding of the Meiji era, we have made a history of "currently progressive".
Takeo Onsen, the unchanging spirit of hospitality. "Hotel Shunkeiya"

《Nationwide travel support》GO! Saga trip campaign

  • 《Nationwide travel support》GO! Saga trip campaign

    Nationwide travel support has been extended!

    ◆usage period◆October 11, 2022 (Tuesday) to December 27, 2022(Tuesday)
          *Until check-out on Wednesday, December 28, 2022
    ◆Usage target◆Resident of Japan(Including those residing in Saga Prefecture)
    ◆Conditions of use◆1.Travel and accommodation with Saga as the destination
          2. Presentation of ID(Confirmation of place of residence)
          3. Vaccination 3 times or more or presentation of test results
          4.Be able to understand and cooperate with the purpose of this campaign
    ◆Cautions◆Campaign applies to one reservation or per application
          up to 7 nights

    Please check the link below for details.

Notice of temporary suspension of one-day hot springs

  • One-day hot spring suspension

    One-day hot springs are closed to prevent the spread of New CoronavirusThank you for your understanding.

About prevention of Novel Coronavirus infection

  • We are working to prevent the infection of the Novel Coronavirus.

    Thank you for using Hotel Shunkeiya
    New Coronavirus, this facility prepares antiseptic solutions in the lobby, front desk, dressing room, etc., and cooperates with customers who use the facility to disinfect their hands. I am asking for.
    In addition, as part of this, we are suspending some services such as guidance to the room.

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Renewal in July 2020

  • Japanese modern non-smoking room

    A non-smoking room (Japanese-style room, Japanese-style room + Western-style room), which was often requested, is born!
    ◆Non-smoking Japanese + Western-style room◆
     The tatami space with two Simmons beds and chair tables is spacious.
     *Shower booth only for Japanese-Western style room(There is no bathtub)
    ◆Non-smoking Japanese-style room◆
     A Japanese-style room where you can be healed by the scent of tatami mats.The relaxing guest rooms are 18 square meters and spacious.
    *All guest rooms are equipped with toilets and air purifiers with washing machines.

Inside the facility

  • Front desk

    Hospitality begins here.
    Welcome with hospitality at the sophisticated front desk.
  • Front desk lobby

    A lobby where you can enjoy history and modernity.
  • Lounge

    Flowers bloom in the memories of the trip.
    A cozy coffee lounge.
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Hotel Shunkeiya


7407 Takeo, Takeo Town, Takeo City, Saga Prefecture

Telephone number



・10 minutes west of National Route 34 from Takeo · Kitagata IC Nagasaki Expressway
・15 minutes walk from Takeo-Onsen Station JR Sasebo Line

There is a transfer(conditions)
*We will pick you up at the nearest station (JR Takeo-Onsen Station
Please let us know (arrival time, etc.) in the "Request for accommodation" column of the reservation form.
Even if the arrival time is undecided, we will accept the application by phone at a later date.
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If you have any questions, please contact us.