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The fun of SYUNKEIYA and SYUNKEIYA abundant local specialties- SYUNKEIYA's SYUNKEIYA

West Kyushu since ancient times, gathers the finest ingredients from the sea and mountains.
SYUNKEIYA is one of the most valuable inns in Japan that has been certified as a "Designated Store Handling Saga Beef".
The rice that has a reputation for being "delicious" uses "Hinohikari" from Saga and Produced in Takeo.
You can fully enjoy the freshly cooked taste not only for dinner but also for breakfast.

A treasure trove of ingredients, the taste of Saga

Enjoy the top ranked brand "Saga Beef" nationwide.Japan's top-class brand Japanese black beef.
Only the highest-ranked beef cattle that have passed the strict examination are certified as "Saga Beef".
In the mild climate, delicious water, and clear air unique to Saga Prefecture,
Thoroughbred in the beef cattle world, raised with the utmost care.In the soft red meat, fine sashimi.
The luxurious marbled beef, which is sweet and rich, is a gem that you should try once you come to Saga.
  • Four Season's Kaiseki Meal

    Our hotel Ichioshi! Mainly incorporating Japanese beef from Saga and seasonal dishes,
    It is a seasonal multi-course meal.

    *Depending on the season, the main content of the seasonal dish changes.
    *Some dishes may change depending on the purchase situation.
  • Saga Beef Kaiseki Meal

    【This facility is one of the most valuable inns in Japan that has been certified as a designated store for handling "Saga Beef".】
    The title of "Saga Beef" given only to cows that have passed the strict examination is
    Top-ranked brand Wagyu beef that is one of the top three in Japan.

    Please enjoy Saga Beef, which has tender red meat with delicately flavored marbling!
  • Special taste kaiseki cuisine

    "Saga Beef" that Saga is proud of & caught in the sea. "Treasures from the Sea"
    Enjoy special kaiseki cuisine with seasonal products.

    aperitif/Prelude/small bowl/soup/sashimi/Strong appetizer/Lid/pottery/Vinegar/Steamed food/Meal/Incense/fruit
    *Some dishes may change depending on the season and purchasing situation.
  • Tasting Kaiseki cuisine

    If you want to enjoy it at a reasonable price, click here.
    The main dish is beef plow carefully selected by the chief chef!
  • Celebration banquet dishes

    For longevity celebrations such as the 60th birthday, Koki and Kiju.
    It is a kaiseki meal for celebration with Japanese beef and sea bream from Saga.

    *Some contents may change depending on the purchase situation.
  • Premium Kaiseki Meal

    You can enjoy the seafood of the mountains and seafood!
    The number using the three luxurious ingredients that West Kyushu
    Please enjoy all 15 dishes.

    aperitif/Prelude/small bowl/soup/sashimi/Strong appetizer/Lid/Western plate/Vinegar/Steamed food/Meal/Stop bowl/Incense/fruit
    *Some dishes may change depending on the season and purchasing situation.
  • An example of children's kaiseki cuisine

    When applying for children in upper grades and lower grades of elementary school, dinner is a multi-course meal for children.
    When applying for infants, dinner is a kids meal.
  • Breakfast(Japanese set meal)

    Freshly cooked Saga rice "Hinohikari" is popular because it is delicious.

    Breakfast from 7:00 to 8:30.We will prepare it at the breakfast venue (dining hall).
    Japanese set meals are available.
  • Kaiseki cuisine

    We will wholeheartedly help you with your precious time in memory of the deceased.
    Please contact us by phone when making a reservation.